How to Chose the Best Travel Tote Bag

To select our top picks, we consulted with industry experts, meticulously read customer reviews online, and evaluated the features of bags on the market for fabric quality, versatility, and durability. We also looked at specific criteria, such as material, strap length, and compartment design, to find the most functional and stylish bags used throughout the workweek and beyond at various price points.

What To Look For In The Best Tote Bag for traveling


The ideal travel tote bag should be strong enough to hold your laptop and other necessities while light enough to rest over your shoulder throughout your trip. Sturdy yet soft leather (or sustainable plant-based alternatives) generally provides the most durable options. For a timeless look, consider the seasons. “Look for fabrics that work for three or four seasons of the year,” says Malinsky. “Something straw won’t work in the winter, and patent leather isn’t great in the summer. A nice tan leather or suede will work all year round.”


When choosing your perfect travel tote bag, Malinsky says to look for long, thick, and durable straps that can securely sit on your shoulder, especially when wearing bulky layers like a coat. “I see many adorable bags with a hand-only strap or a short strap that wouldn’t fit over your shoulder. It just spells frustration down the line,” she says. “You want to be able to carry it easily. You’ll usually fill it with miscellaneous items on your laptop and often carry another handbag.”
How Do You Keep A Bag Organized?
We’ve all been there…rummaging through the deep abyss of our travel tote, frantically searching for our passport or phone. The solution: Get a purse organizer.

Don’t forget to clean out your bag after the end of the day, Malinsky suggests. “Start the day organized because things somehow accumulate by the end of the day. Also, pouches for everything: I use a cotton makeup bag—a beauty counter freebie—for my chargers.”

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